About LTB & Co.

LTB & Co. Est. 2020 - The Low Tide Boy story began in a way that all outdoorsmen, at least fisherman can relate too.  A day on the water with a catch that far exceed expectations.  The Low Tide Boys, namely Teddy, Alec, Ceebz, and Iz  after a series of killer days on the water did what all aspirational fisherman would do; they created a slogan, drew up a logo and said, lets send it!  The Low Tide Boys was born. Since then the LTB & Co. brand has evolved into more than just an outdoor apparel and lifestyle brand - it has become a state of mind.  We believe living a full life is best spent experiencing the outdoors, so no matter what element gets you fired up, get after it!

For more about our unique designs, below is an image of one of Teddy's first drafts of what is now the OG Low Tide Boy logo.